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"Hello Joe: A few says after the "bullseye" appeared I started doxycycline 100 mg. 2X a day. Then I also started 2000 mg Vit-C 4X a day with 1/2 tsp. of sea salt for 7 days. All of my flu like symtoms left after 4 days, and I have fell that I have totally recovered after 21 days. Early detection and quick treatment was key for me. Thanks, it was worth the price!" ~ Leo M., Warrenton, VA

"I was treating myself with the 72 hour Salt/Vit C regimen before I had lab tests done. So no doctor diagnosis of Lyme yet. The first test was negative, I will be tested again in a few weeks and am hoping for a negative result again because of the treatment. The first day of the treatment I felt bad - perhaps expected - but it is not an unusual amount of Vitamin C for me, I take quite bit normally, so I knew it wasn't the treatment causing the ill feelings. But after the first of the 3 days, I felt MUCH better. Joint pain and muscle soreness began to go away, sore throat stopped recurring, and rash (general, no bulls eye) disappeared. Headaches came and went for a week, but are now gone. I did not thin I had been bitten by a tick, but I did get several mosquito bites while on Fire Island, Long Island approximately 18 days before the symptoms showed up. Thanks." ~ Margaret R., Camarillo, CA

"So far we have used the report to help confirm that it is lyme disease. The doctor just ran another blood test. She will not start the antibiotics until the blood test comes back positive which I think is wrong. Some times it takes years for it to come back positive. Shirley has had this since last summer 2005. So just waiting at this point." ~ Shirley T., Lawrence, KS

""I recently contracted Lyme's disease after a family noticed the "bulls-eye" rash on my left shoulder blade. I had actually had a severe fever and night chills a few nights prior to detecting the rash. I was surprised to have a fever as I am rarely sick, never been in the hospital and have not had the flu in years. Plus it was the middle of this summer, hardly a time you expect to get sick. By the third day after my fever, I started to experience what seemed like bad sinus headaches, but they were tolerable and I could work. I am a workaholic and never miss work due to illness, but the headaches got much worse and turned into the most severe migrane and head pain I have ever experienced in my life. I was convinced I had a brain tumor or something seriously wrong in my head. I could do nothing that day but lay on the couch. My eyes watered and my nose ran intensly just from the pain alone. It was horrible. Finally I had my wife drive me to the hospital emergency room for some tests. Meningitis was suspected so they ordered a spinal tap which was a real fun experience.It showed no evidence of white blood cells in my spinal fluid which I believe rules out infection to my nervous system, or no meningitis. I was on intravenous antibiotic drips for about 48 hours and then sent home to continue the dioxycyclene for the remaining days of that prescription.I continued to feel bad- weak, lethargic,agitated and just plain rotten. No desire to go to work. Some days, I could not raise my arms or hold the steering wheel while driving. I was exteremly frustrated I was not getting better from the anti-biotics. I went online and read some of your testimonials and tried the salt tablet/Vitamin C remedy. I took as much as I could stand the first two days. At first it actually made me feel more lethargic and lazy and sick to my stomach. But I stuck with it and by the third day of the 72 hour treatment, I felt all my Lyme's symptons go away. I am not sure if it was the anti-biotics or the remedy treatment, but I was symptom free for over a week. I continued to take about 750mg of the salt tablets and about 750mg -1,000mg of the V-C, (about 3 a day of each)for fear of lapsing back. I have had one day recently of feeling a little weak,which worries me a bit, but that just may be for other reasons. I want to be done with the salt tablets especially since it is bad for the B/P. I am on a second round of A/B's to be sure I kill all of the virus. This is a strange disease and one I think people should really research - not just take their doctors advise. Learn as much as you can. I am going to visit a doctor who is a Lyme's victim herself and somewhat of an expert on some cures. We'll see how it goes. Good Luck" ~ Scott P., Coopersburg, PA

"After reading your report, I acquired the sea salt (unable to locate salt tablets) and the vitamin c. Following the instructions, I noticed an improvement within 24 hours. Thank you for all the help." ~ Ron C., Beaufort, NC

"I had Lyme, undiagnosed for over a year back in 2002-2003. I was on Doxycycline 100mg 4 time a day for 1 YEAR. The medication wreaked havoc on my body, but I dealt with it to irradicate the awful bacteria. I finished my last dose March 2004. The first week of May I did a 12 Native American Medicine walk deep in the woods of New Hampsire. 2-3 weeks later I found a bullseye something like a tick bite. My bite wasn't red, it was black and blue. My primary care doctor agreed it didn't follow the exact look of a typical bite,but still offered to write a script if I wanted it. I hate medications unless it absoutely neccessary.I have been perfectly healthy until three weeks ago...pnemonia-like chest cough,, fatigue,finger numbness, unexplained weight-gain, etc. I went on the doxycycline and the vomiting and bloating began. Six days later, I was whining to my girlfriend who asked why I hadn't gone to a homeopathic doctor for a remedy. Around the New York area they can be as high as $650 a consultation.(Out of my financial range.) My husband did an internet search which brings us to my story of recovery. I have low blood pressure so I didn't have any fears or concerns of the high levels of sodium. I also felt 3 days would be something my body could deal with. I had some difficulty getting the sodium tablets from a local eckerd pharmacy. First they said they had to order it... then when it finally came in, they wanted me to purchase the bottle of 10,000 pills for $95.00. I ended up taking seakelp/ vitamin C for the first day. We shopped around to other pharmacy's and finall got 650mg soduim pills at a cvs pharmacy. I started with the program last thursday, I followed the 72 hour program just as it was written. Every hour from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm I took a pill and half of the soduim pill (appx 1g) and 1 vitamin C.(1000mg) I also did the visualization remedy. As I layed down for one of my "Lyme induced" naps, I would visualize the bacteria shrivelling up like a slug does when salt it placed on it. After the first day(Thursday 6/29) I found improvement in my fatigue. After the second day my cough was gone and the fingers that were numb had the skin peeling off like a snake does! Saturday(7/1) at 7:00pm I took my last dose feeling 100 percent. We had company that night. I stayed up until 1:00am with no naps and had energy as I prepared the food and dessert for the evening. I was back!! Monday(7/3) I felt a little sluggish, sot I will do another 72 hour dose, later this week to totally irradicate every last bacteria. Thank for all the hard work and energy you expended during your research. My husband and I were impressed with all the references you used. We were proud to share the report with my doctor. You did a thorough job of research and showed all paths to recovery...With heartfelt Thanks!!" Reverend Pat F., North Babylon, NY

"Thank you so much for the information that I needed. I am a professional photographer and had 3 weddings so I could not take an antibiotic and go to bed, so instead I took the salt tablets and the vitamin C as prescribed for one whole day and had immediate relief. Then I had to work so I could not take it for several days, but then I took it again on a second day. My tick bite is almost totally healed, rash is gone, heaviness in my legs is gone and I'm feeling much better. Thanks again for helping me, I am passing the word." Pat B., Columbus, MS

"Ok, I'm 36 year old and always have been healthy, & active, until Lyme that is. Misdiagnosed under a doctors care 4 years ago, all the symptoms of Lyme, but not knowing what Lyme was I suffered abount 4 months until a bulls eye appered on my leg. Since than I have been on-and-off Doxy about 7 times. This time I am seeing a specialist & have been on a Doxy for 60 days. I have come to the conclusion that Doxy is not going to put my Lyme in remission. I deceided to look on line for some help. Finding Joe Bartons book on a 72HR cure, I figured well 30 bucks for a cure is reasonable, & 30 bucks for Snake Oil is not so bad. So I gave it a try. My first attempt was for 2 Days. I could not go 3 due to elevated blood pressure. My second attempt was also a 2 day. Much better on the BP. This is week 3 & I will go for the full 3-day. I must say I am feeling GREAT. Salt, or Mind over matter. I feel good! I will continue the regiment & hope for good times..... Thank You" ~ Michael B., Pleasant Valley, NY

"I've been on the salt/C protocol for 2 weeks now. I've worked my way up to 4 grams. I immediately felt a clearing of my mind and an increase in energy. So far no herxing." ~ Nancy D., Pound Ridge, NY



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