Lyme Disease sufferers –the medical establishment is about to get rocked… 

“While The Best Doctors and Nurses Sat Around Scratching Their Heads… I Uncovered A Lyme Disease Cure So Effective – It Works In Just 72 Hours!” 

Here’s how you can determine if you, a loved one or a family pet has Lyme Disease – and how you can systematically eliminate the symptoms in just 3 days.  

This stunning remedy was developed in part by a two-time Nobel Prize Winning doctor but the pharmaceutical companies may actually be hiding this cure from you and your doctor.  

Why? The answer may shock you…   

From: Joe Barton, Natural Cures and Remedies
Date: Wednesday, Sept. 8th, 2005 

Dear Friend, 

If you’re searching for a quick, effective and completely natural remedy for Lyme Disease, you’ve come to the right place. 

Right here on this web page, you’ll discover a revolutionary new cure for Lyme Disease, with two ingredients that you can find in any grocery store. 

Unfortunately, the massive pharmaceutical companies have done their best to keep this remedy hidden from your doctor. 

          My name is Joe Barton.  In 1997, my mom was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. She tried all the “traditional cures” but to no avail. But she didn’t give up.  She dove into finding a natural remedy for cancer.  Today, she’s cancer free and healthy as ever. 

          Since that painful ordeal, I’ve devoted my life to finding natural cures and remedies for other diseases.  So when a friend was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease and told me of his ordeal (multiple tests, worthless – yet expensive- medication, joint pain, headaches, fever… and still no results), I knew I had to help.  

I began searching for a natural, effective remedy for Lyme Disease symptoms.  After months of research, I found one. If you or someone you know is currently fighting Lyme Disease, then you already know that Lyme Disease may be… 

The Most Difficult Disease To Diagnose And Cure – But It’s Not Your Fault! 

          Most doctors simply don’t have time to “dig-in deep” and research some of the lesser-known remedies. So they depend on their pharmaceutical reps to advise them.  Unfortunately, pharmaceutical reps almost always advise the same “shot-gun” approach – take a bunch of overpriced pills and if that doesn’t work – spend some more money.  

To make matters worse, Lyme Disease symptoms are often misdiagnosed. Many times, Lyme Disease sufferers never realize that they’ve contracted the disease until years later. 

Do You Have Any Of These Symptoms?  If So, You May Have Contracted Lyme Disease… 

Symptoms of Early Lyme Disease


Symptoms of Progressive Lyme Disease


·        Flu-like feelings

·        Profound fatigue


·        Headache

·        Severe headache


·        Stiff neck


·        Fever


·        Fever


·        Muscle aches/pains


·        Muscle aches


·        Sleep disorders, or other brain wave disruptions


·        Fatigue


·        Vision changes


·        Unique enlarging rash or bruise


·        Rash (possibly a “bull’s – eye” rash)



If you or a loved one is exhibiting any of these symptoms, you should immediately get checked out by a doctor.  However, don’t be surprised if your doctor is stumped by your condition! 

Truth is, most doctors are dreadfully inexperienced when it comes to treating Lyme Disease. So you may have to take matters into your own hands. Which is exactly what I had to do when uncovering… 

The 72-Hour Rapid-Relief Lyme Disease Cure 

          By combining two ordinary items (both of these are about the most common “ingredients” you can think of), a natural “72-Hour” remedy for Lyme Disease has been developed.  

          This remedy is so powerful, some people actually start seeing results within 24 hours!  But the most amazing thing about this cure, (other than the overwhelming success rate) is…  

Why The Mainstream Medical Establishment Continues To Ignore This Powerful, Natural Cure! 

          Truth is, most doctors are in the dark about this remedy. The pharmaceutical companies hammer doctors to prescribe powerful antibiotics for every Lyme Disease case.  This isn’t always a bad thing, but since a natural cure does exist (and it does), and it works with your body (instead of just haphazardly killing cells in your body like many prescription drugs do), wouldn’t you like to know about it?  

          Another reason this cure is overlooked is because of how inexpensive it is.  It’s human nature to think that expensive cures are better. But that isn’t always the case. Example? The ingredients in the 72 Hour Rapid Relief Lyme Disease Remedy will cost you $2.92 for a 3 day supply.  

          I reveal it all in this special “bombshell” report. Introducing… 

The Lyme Disease Remedy Report

How You Can Begin Curing Your Lyme Disease Symptoms in 72 Hours or Less Using Our Safe, Natural Home Remedy 

          You’ll be blown away from the very first page.  And you might very well be furious at what your doctor never told you. Including… 

·        The Silver Bullet Cure for Lyme Disease Symptoms – How To Drive A Stake Through Your Lyme Disease Symptoms with Just Two Household Items (But your doctor won’t tell you about it!) 

·        Just got bit by a tick? Here’s how you can know for sure if you are at risk of contracting Lyme disease 

·        5 “Disguised” Symptoms of Lyme Disease.  (You’d never guess you’d have Lyme disease based on these symptoms) 

·        The no-brainer visual test that could reveal if you have Lyme Disease  

·        Why your doctor will probably not be able to diagnose Lyme Disease – but here’s how you can 

·        What to do when “traditional” treatments and medications fail (you’d be surprised how often this happens) 

·        The vitamin cocktail that could cure your Lyme disease symptoms – popping a pill and finally feeling relief – it couldn’t be that easy right? WRONG. 

·        A homeopathic remedy that stops the progression of Lyme disease dead in it’s tracks – and again, your doctor may not know about this  

·        7 vitamins, found in any health store, you can use today to halt Lyme disease 

·        Are you “dirty on the inside”? Why that question may reveal the secret to stopping your Lyme disease 

·        Head to the grocery store and load up on these 4 foods to help block Lyme disease progressing in your body 

·        How Olympic Athletes relieve pain with the hot/cold pain cancellation technique – and how you can “legally steal” their techniques to finally get some relief from aching muscles and sore joints 

·        How ordinary tap water can actually reduce your Lyme Disease pain and symptoms  

·        The shocking technique from the Center for Nursing Research in New York – with unbelievable, yet miraculous results 

·        7 things you must do to avoid ever getting Lyme Disease 

·        MYTH BUSTER: 3 common ways to remove ticks that actually INCREASE your chances of contracting Lyme Disease 

·        Does your pet have Lyme Disease? Here’s a simple test you can use to find out for sure 

·        6 steps you can take to make sure your pet doesn’t end up with Lyme Disease 

·        You just got bit by a tick – do you have Lyme Disease?  Here’s an easy way to tell 

·        WARNING: If your doctor put you on Tetracycline, you might actually end up with serious side effects – unless you take this supplement immediately afterward  

·        How a Bulgarian doctor cured over 100 different cases of Lyme Disease with this all-natural supplement 

·        Lyme Disease causing joint pain?  This type of fish oil may halt your pain 

·        In China, they call it the “mushroom of immortality” – and it’s effects on Lyme Disease will shock you 

·        The resin from this Indian tree can actually help protect your cartilage and reduce joint pain 

·        The acid test for natural cures has always been: “Does it work for real people with real problems?” This root passes the test with flying colors as demonstrated in a double-bind test for relief from rheumatoid arthritis pain – a common symptom of Lyme Disease 

·        Ten proven homeopathic cures for the symptoms of Lyme Disease (your doctor doesn’t have a clue about these) 

·        A homeopathic Lyme Disease Cocktail you can make at home that will help halt the onslaught of Lyme Disease 

Plus, you get the shocking 72-Hour Rapid Relief Lyme Disease Remedy. Developed in part by a brilliant doctor who happens to be the only person ever to win TWO Nobel Prizes.  Which begs the question… 

Why Hasn’t Your Doctor Told You About This Cure? 

          Oddly enough, uninformed doctors may actually be part of the reason why there are over 1 billion cases of Lyme Disease in the world today!  

          You see, in nature there is a very powerful substance that all animals naturally seek out. By flooding their bodies with this all-natural substance, many animals seem to make themselves immune to Lyme Disease, even though they are constantly being bitten by ticks! 

          Before 1970, Lyme Disease incidents were rare. But in the 1970’s, a doctor released a book warning Americans of the danger of this natural substance. Millions of people immediately cut this substance from their diet.  What happened next? 

During That Very Same Decade, Incidents Of Lyme Disease Exploded All Over The World! 

          By systematically re-introducing this common, natural-substance into your body, many Lyme Disease sufferers experience a full recovery and full relief from their symptoms in less than 72 hours. 

          Here are just a few unsolicited comments from people just like you: 

“As a holistic MD who treats Lyme Disease, I am impressed and find the info in the report valid”


“I am happy to see an alternative protocol.  So many people just use antibiotics. Thanks for this info, I’ve already begun using a lot of it myself. Blessings, Joyce”


“This is the first web site I’ve seen with such a great list of alternative remedies. Thank you!”


“Thank you! I believe in this day and age of conventional medicine, that you need to take matters into your own hands. Between the pharmaceuticals and HMO’s, nobody is helping patients anymore. Thanks for the great advice.”


Take Action Today – And You Could Be Free From Lyme Disease Symptoms By

If you’re sick and tired of the constant headaches, joint pain and lack of energy, today you can start the healing process. 

Order my Lyme Disease Remedy Report today and you could start seeing relief from your Lyme Disease symptoms within 72 hours. 

And it gets better. Many Lyme Disease prescriptions drugs cost over sixty bucks.  Heck, nowadays a doctor’s visit will lighten your wallet by about fifty dollars. 

I was going to price this info at forty nine dollars. But I’m going to let you have my special Lyme Disease Remedy Report for just $29.95 – on one condition.  After you try the 72 hour cure – I insist that you send me a quick note with your recovery story (I love reading those). 

Of course, your investment is protected by my iron-clad guarantee: 

You Are Fully Protected By My
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I really want you to be 100% satisfied with the Lyme Disease Remedy Report, and I'm completely confident you will be. So let me remove any doubt from your mind...

Order today and learn how to cure your Lyme Disease symptoms in just 72 hours. And if you are not thoroughly convinced that the report is worth every single penny of the price you paid, just send me an email within 6 months and I will refund 100% of your money right away!

That's 1 FULL YEAR - 365 DAYS - 8,640 hours - for you to read the report and try it out risk-free.

You've got nothing to lose - you either win the battle against stomp Lyme Disease in just days, or you keep the report without paying a dime.

It’s A Win-Win Situation! There’s No Way You Can Lose!

 Actually, the only way you can lose is if you leave this webpage without ordering.  

          I may very well be raising the price to $39.95 within the next week. Besides, why suffer from Lyme Disease a single day longer than you have to? 

          Order today and you could be Lyme Disease free in 72 hours. 



Joe Barton

P.S. Now it’s decision time.  You’re in Solomon’s chair.  I know it’s tempting to think “Oh, I’ll just let the doctors and pharmaceutical reps worry about my health”.  But the fact is, nowadays you’ve got to look out for yourself.   

P.P.S. Order today. If you’re doing this for yourself, I sincerely hope you take action.  You’re only 72 hours away from finally feeling relief.   

If you’re ordering for a family member, friend or pet, I commend you. That person or pet will be eternally grateful because you went the extra mile and found them a completely safe and natural Lyme Disease remedy.

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